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When a Girl Has Her Daddy

It wasn’t until I moved out of my parents’ house and entered the world that I realized the importance of my relationship with my father. His involvement in my life affected me more than I knew. So much of my self-confidence was a result of all the kind and loving words he spoke to me for so many years. Dad always treated me with kindness, respect, gentleness, compassion, and love.


Small Shop Shout Out: A and L Engraving

As most of you probably know, Father’s Day is just a little over a week away. Unfortunately for me, I only realized this today. Otherwise, I probably would have posted this last week, and I would have already ordered Aaron’s Father’s Day gift. Oh well. You live and learn. Anyway, if you are still wondering… Continue reading Small Shop Shout Out: A and L Engraving

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Is a Stay at Home Mom Enough?

What I do know, is when a woman chooses to stay home and devote herself to her family and household instead of pursue a career, it’s not considered enough. For some reason, she is made to feel inferior for her career choice. She can’t just be a stay at home mom. She has to do more. She has to try harder. It doesn’t matter what side of the sword women are on, it still cuts.

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I No Longer Get Anything Done

Desirae has officially reached the stage where nothing is safe, including herself. This week she started climbing on everything, including the glass coffee table that she subsequently thought it would be fun to stomp on. (Thank goodness that crisis was averted, because that would have made the tooth incident look like a walk in the park.) I have to watch her like a hawk. On top of that, she has decided she must investigate EVERY drawer and pull EVERYTHING off of all the shelves.