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Guest Post: 10 Things I Learned from Being a Mom of Twins

Today on the blog, I have a guest post from my sweet friend, Yosh at Mommy Outnumbered! This is the second part of our blog swap. Last week I posted an article on her blog, and today she is sharing her guest post with all of us!

Yosh has been such a great friend to me in the blogging world. We were introduced several months back and been involved with each other’s blogs ever since! She is kind, encouraging, and intentional. Yosh keeps her blog beautiful and fresh with helpful tips on motherhood and wonderful insights into her Japanese culture. Being a mom of twin boys, Yosh has unique experiences in motherhood that I will (probably) never know. Today she is going to share some things she has learned being a mom of twins. Please read her post and welcome her to The Other Johnsons blog in the comments!

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Thank you, Yosh, for sharing this article on my blog today. I am so honored!

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Hi there! I am Yosh from Mommy Outnumbered Blog.

I have 17 month old twin boys. The Mommy bloggers’ community is awesome because I get to connect with people with similar challenges and sometimes share and relate to the humor and struggle of raising kids, which I have needed. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Heather’s blog here a few month ago and we became blogger friends. She is such an honest and funny writer. I love her style. She is such a sweet and lovely person, and that comes through in her writing and stories. Since we have similar aged kids and we share some similar parenthood challenges, we decided to exchange our blog posts. As per Heather’s request, I am sharing my story of raising twins. I hope you enjoy!

Here are some things I have experienced and learned by being a mom of twins. I understand being the parent of any baby is a challenging but rewarding job. I admire every parent for what they do, especially now that I am one. I have never experienced being a parent of a singleton (as opposed to twins/multiples, a new term I learned after having twins!) so I only know the life of being a twin mom, but I just wanted to share 10 funny, and some not so funny, facts about being one!

10 Things I learned from being a mom of twins -

1. Strangers talk to us ALL. THE. TIME.
This might be common for any parent who is with a baby. Babies are cute and they attract many people. I thought I got so much attention when I was walking around with an enormous belly with twins inside when I was pregnant but once they were out, we got even more attention… which we eventually got used to.

2. We get asked strange questions / get interesting comments by strangers.
– Are they twins? (This is normal)
– Are they identical? Sometimes they argue with us when we tell them that they are fraternal.
– They are so similar / so different!
– Wow he is so much bigger! (turn to him) You must steal all your brother’s food! (ugh)
– Double Trouble! (This comment somehow always bothers me. Double the fun or Double the love. Why so negative?)

3. We had to learn to multitask / learn how to tandem everything.
From tandem feeding (breast or bottle), holding one crying baby while you change the other baby with one hand, using both hands to feed meals to both kids, hold both babies (somehow) to rock them to sleep.

4. Sleep is hard.
Getting twins to nap and sleep is a lot of work, but so worth it. My boys used to fall asleep easier when they were younger. All they needed was some song singing and vibrating bassinets. As they got older, I had to be creative. I used to have one baby in my arms and the other on my legs and I wiggled my whole body to rock them to sleep. Once they were too big for that trick, I would lie down on bed and I have one baby on my tummy and the other baby on my legs. If they don’t want that position, I wait till they are tired and get them to sleep beside me. For naps, I often opt for a drive. I have to weigh between driving aimlessly for one hour while I am sleep deprived or fighting two energetic toddlers begging them to go to sleep… haha. Also, the sleep regression phases are awful. I don’t even know how I function the next day after battling with two babies alternating to get up at night.

5. I really have to plan before going out with twins by myself.
I usually try to go out once a day unless my boys are sick. It turns into quite an event though. Like any child, the challenges keep evolving as they grow.
As newborns, I had to feed them and change them right before I went out, then I would carry both of the bucket car seats down the stairs, out the door, into the vehicle all by myself (and sometimes one would puke or poop and I have to go back in and do it all over again)
When they were out of the bucket car seats, I had to put one baby in a baby carrier and carry another baby with one arm beside the carrier down the stairs, out the door, and into the car. (They would cry if I left one inside the house while I take the other one out… separation anxiety!)
Now that they can walk but are not able to do stairs well yet, I carry them one by one (since they weigh 30lbs each) downstairs, then put their shoes on in the entrance, carry the diaper backpack (the best thing ever), hold both boys’ hands, out the door, walk to the carport with running toddlers, then put them into the car one by one (while chasing the other one). Sometimes I even have to trap the spare one in between me and the car while I buckle the other in. Phew!

6. Sometimes, having twins might be easier?!
Lots of my friends point this out to me that our boys are pretty independent. At play groups or play dates, they are fine playing with toys or playing with each other while some other babies and toddlers have to involve their moms. I do feel bad to say this but since they were young, I sometimes had to let them play by themselves while I pumped or cooked. And they always have someone to play with!

7. Our house is full of baby stuff.
We have two of everything; from baby clothes, excersaucers, jolly jumpers, bassinets, cribs, bouncers, high chairs, toys, bikes, potties, and list goes on. Our house looks like a baby store!

8. Strollers became my best friend.
I like wearing a baby. However, since our boys have always been on the bigger side, I was never able to carry both in a wrap. So unless my husband was there to carry the other baby, I was never able to just put a baby in the baby carrier to go for a walk or go shopping etc. I had to put both of them in the stroller or carry one in a carrier and put the other in the stroller…

9. My boys are very mischievous and they gang up on me lol
They can tear our house apart in 5 minutes. They can find things they are not supposed to touch every 5 seconds. They giggle and give me mischievous smiles while running away from me in separate directions, of course…

10. My husband and I always have a baby each to carry / hold hands / play etc… Which is awesome!
We have two babies for two parents now so we don’t have to fight for one baby when need cuddles. However, on the other hand, when we are out or travelling and sometimes “want” some space from carrying a baby, we don’t get to give each other a break. My husband can carry both babies at the same time so he will sometimes take both to give me free hands though, haha. being a mom of twins - collage

I am sure there are so many other facts that I am forgetting. As I look back the last 17 months of raising my boys, there are so many things I have already forgotten, which makes me so sad. But life is funny like that. We tend to let go the hard times and struggles in the past and that is why we can go on. If every little detail of the hardship of raising young children gets stuck to our head, none of us will ever have kids! LOL

Raising two babies has had some hard times especially because we unfortunately cannot get family support (my family is overseas and my husband’s side with medical condition) but it definitely made me a much stronger person, and it allows my husband and I to work together as a team, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my boys.

I love reading other fellow parents’ blogs to get ideas, tips and most of all, relate to what we go through. So please come visit me at my blog and leave me your link! Thank you so much for reading and thank you so much Heather for this wonderful opportunity.


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