Blogging Questions and a Ninja Toddler

Today is the last day of Aaron’s late nigh work schedule. It couldn’t be over soon enough. I feel like he was barely home this week, and he’s hardly seen Desirae at all. At least we will have some family time this weekend. Aaron and I even have a date night planned tomorrow, just the two of us! It’s a miracle.

But come Monday, I have jury duty. As Desirae’s primary caretaker, I’m nervous about leaving her for an extended period of time. I’ve never been away from her for more than a few hours. Plus, I don’t know how many days I’ll be able to find baby sitters. I either need to not be selected or to have a short trial. We’ll see what happens!

While I’m waiting around the court house, I hope to work on scheduling my blog, deciding on specific goals, and creating a better blogging process. What kind of goals do you have for your blog? What is your blogging process or system? How far out do you schedule your posts? How often do you post? I’d be interested in hearing any of your ideas, tips, or experiences! I should have lots of time to think about them next week! Also, I need something other than worrying about Desirae to occupy my mind while I’m waiting.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the blog or social media. Right now, jury duty is holding my life’s schedule in the balance. I’ll be glad when we can get things back to our normal rhythm. For now I’ll just cross my fingers, and hope for short trial!

It’s a shame that I can’t escape from jury duty as easily as this kid escapes from bedtime. I think I could learn something from him. This boy has some serious ninja skills. I feel for his poor mother.

Have a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later!



Who’s Really in Charge?

Well, it’s been a week – not a great week, not a bad week, just a week. Des and I both woke up sick on Monday morning, so we’e been laying around the house with our runny noses feeling more tired than usual. We’re also having some work done on our kitchen – not the “Oh, new cabinets!” kind of work, the “Oh, the plumbing upstairs is leaking on your counter tops?” kind of work.

Besides all that, I’ve made a discovery. Kids know when you need something from them. I’m not talking about what you tell them you want, but what you hope, with every fiber in your soul, they will do. After all, it’s what they do every day, right? You simpleminded mother. (Actually, that would be me.)

Des doesn’t nurse much anymore, but when she does, Des can be in and out in under five minutes. Hey, that’s cool. But on the days when I actually need her to hurry it up? No siree bob. A few minutes before I run out of the house, I pop Desirae on to nurse. She lays there for about five seconds, pops off, and sits up to stare at the picture she has seen every day of her short little life. I’m thinking, “Hey, she must not be hungry,” and lift Des off my lap. Looking up at me from the floor, her big blue eyes turn into puddles of tears. I give nursing another try. Des latches on for six seconds this time, and she pops off. Then she looks straight at me with her little hand on my chest as if to say, “Mom, I will eat at my leisure. Don’t move me off your lap because if you do, I’m going to make this afternoon a nightmare.” Then, she goes back to staring at that darn picture. Apparently this dairy drive-through opens and closes at her discretion. And here I thought it was up to me. I laugh at myself. And the next day, when I have all the time in the world, she sets a record by eating the same meal in two minutes flat.

There are also those mornings when I actually want my kid to wake up at the crack of dawn. Every day I wish the kid would sleep in, but not this day. Today I have to be somewhere early. So, in true child fashion, Des sleeps in that morning. I keep getting ready to go. I actually get my hair done and all my makeup on, but I glance at the clock wondering why in the world she hasn’t woken up yet. Finally, with only a few minutes to spare before I need to leave the house, I go into the Desirae’s room and wake her up. Next thing I know, I’m dealing with a squirming, screaming, baby who is very unhappy that I even considered waking her up that morning. God forbid that I decided to change her diaper. As I’m trying to pull a fresh onsie over her bright red face, I ask myself, “Why? Why couldn’t she have slept in tomorrow?” Because, you know, tomorrow is Saturday. (I’ll probably be seeing all you Instagram folks at 5AM tomorrow.)

Some days, when I’m feeling REALLY adventurous, I decide to go out to eat. (It’s okay, you can start laughing at me now.) I figure, “Hey, my kid usual sits and eats for at least an hour. This will be great.” HA HA HA HA HA HA! Pity my innocent, unassuming attitude. I arrive at the restaurant and sit down to order. Des doesn’t want to color or play with any of her toys. Does she want the sandwich I brought for her? Nope. She wants fries, only fries. For the next 20 minutes, I’m trying to entertain her and pop yogurt melts into her open, screaming mouth. The fries finally arrive. After about four bites into my meal, Desirae decides she is full. Those three fries she finally ate were enough. Why did I go out to eat again? I should have just brought a pile of cash, put it on the table, and set it on fire. It would have been the same thing, and probably a lot more entertaining.

As adults, we assume we’re in control, but that’s just what they want us to think. It’s all one big ploy organized by the International Children’s Scams Association. (Come on. You and I both know it’s a real thing.) The kids are the ones running the show. We think we’re one step ahead of the game, but we’re not. We’re just guessing, trying to follow along the best we can, just like Gwyneth Paltro and James Corden in this Toddlerography video. (Seriously, this video is an analogy of real life.) Lucky for all our kids, we forgive and forget everything the minute they fall asleep.

Have a great weekend friends. I hope you’re able to stay one step ahead of those kiddos. See you Monday!



6 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

This blog started quite suddenly. I didn’t read any books, write out any goals, deliberate over the perfect name, research the best web host, or ask any bloggers about their experiences. One day I started mulling over the idea of writing again, questioning my skills and debating the idea of starting a new blog. Once I mentioned the idea to my husband, he thought it was a brilliant and has been my biggest supporter ever since. But I still wasn’t convinced.


Small Shop Shout Out: My Grandma Sews

I don’t know where you live, but I live in Michigan, where it’s freezing cold for about eight months out of the year. That means a plethora of coats, hats, mittens, blankets, and scarves. If I could just lasso down the sun and carry it in my pocket during the winter, I’d be okay with that. Most Michigan mothers put a coat on their kids in the house, walk the kids to the freezing cold car, remove the coat they just put on, strap the kids in their car seats, and then do their best to use the coats like a blanket in hopes that their kids haven’t already frozen to death. In the end, putting their coats on feels pretty pointless. I hate pointless tasks. I also hate having cold children. After Desirae outgrew her infant car seat, I couldn’t use the car seat cover anymore, so I needed a solution.

Mom life

Letting Go of the Last Time

I suppose that’s what motherhood is like. We are always aware of the firsts, but not the lasts. We know the first times – the first steps, the first words, the first goal, the first crush. But we never know the lasts – the last crawl, the last coo, the last time my child would rather sit on my lap than play on the field. As a mom, I’m torn between the pride and joy of seeing my child grow, and saddened by the passing of seasons I’ll never see again.


DJ Roomba in This House

I’ve been sort of MIA this week. My current blogging process isn’t quite working for me. I need to sit down and reevaluate so I can find something that works better for my family. It doesn’t help that this past week the power went out, the dishwasher broke down, and the plumbing has slowly melted a hole in the wall in my kitchen. For once, I’m thankful to still be in a rental.

In other much more exciting news, my life has been changed forever. Yesterday, I bought a Roomba. I was walking through the Costco aisles, my Roomba in my shopping cart, with visions of Tom and Donna flashing through my head.

Treat yo self? Why yes. Yes, I think I will.

(Long live Parks and Rec. We will never forget you.)

I had to text my husband, multiple times, to confirm that he 100% thought, without a doubt, that blowing money on this frivolous purchase was definitely and assuredly a good idea. I needed a lot of reassurance to actually hand that vacuum over to the cashier. Obviously, Aaron said yes, because I currently have my Roomba upstairs cleaning my bedroom.

Now, when we host our next party, I can resurrect the beloved, DJ Roomba.

I promise, I didn’t just up and buy a Roomba. Several months ago, I was griping about how dirty our floors are, no matter how often I clean them, which is almost every day. I spend most of my time set aside for cleaning, re-vacuuming the floors. See, we have a dog. Not just any dog, a large, fluffy, fury, shed-like-crazy, German Shepard dog. We also have a child, a one year old, crawling everywhere, putting anything she can find in her mouth, kind of child. So I vacuum. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m surprised my vacuum hasn’t overheated and blown up with how much I use it. Aaron decided, all on his own volition, that once he was promoted (which he was! Cheers!) I should buy a Roomba. That way I don’t have to spend all my time vacuuming, at least not every single day.

Of course, when I brought my Roomba home yesterday evening, I had to get that thing running. After Desirae was in bed, I turned the Roomba on, and Lincoln, our dog, spazzed out as he tripped over his feet and ran into the coffee table. Though you can’t really blame him because Roomba was headed straight for him. I only felt a little bad for laughing at him hysterically. By the end of the night, he was cool with it, and he let Roomba maneuver around his long, fluffy, tail. I did feel bad when Roomba scared Desirae this morning. Of course, she noticed the new toy right away and had to investigate. After pressing a couple buttons, she accidentally turned the Roomba on and it started moving. That really freaked her out. I’ll have to provide her with a better introduction to Roomba. Maybe she can join the club of Roomba riding babies.

Now, I just need someone to invent a Roomba mop. And a Roomba that climbs stairs. That would be fabulous. Then, between DJ Roomba and RoombaMop, Melissa McCarthy could come over to my house and perform this crazy mess. I would just sit there and laugh while Roomba sucked up all that glitter before my dog trailed it all over the house.

Happy Friday everyone.