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10 Lessons from My First Year as a Mom

I’ve realized that becoming a mom is hard, but it becomes a lot easier if you stop trying to be a perfect mom. Just enjoy being the mom you are. Yes, motherhood is hard, but with a little help, we can all figure it out.

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People With No Kids Don’t Know – Michael McIntyre

It’s Friday! Time to close up the week and get ready for Easter weekend. My husband gets home earlier then usual on Fridays, so they are generally short days for me. I usually try to have everything finished around the house before he gets home so we can all enjoy the weekend together. But I’ve got a LOT to do today! Not only am I prepping for Easter, but I’m also getting ready for Desirae’s first birthday party! I can’t wait to celebrate her birthday with family and friends tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe that she is one already. Where has the time gone?

Before I go scrub down the bathroom, I want to leave this video with you. A good friend of mine, who is new to the moms club, showed me this yesterday, and it’s HILARIOUS. I knew I had to share it with all of you. While you laugh at this video, I am going to finish cleaning the house and go pick up a birthday cake!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


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Mom on The Street: Men Answer as Moms, Part 2 of 3 – The Breakwomb

Fridays are my unpredictable days. I don’t mind since it’s the beginning of the weekend, and most unplanned events are welcome ones. Today, I took an unexpected trip to IKEA with Aaron and Desirae. Call that fun, or call it being lost in a never-ending maze of Swedish words with no cell phone service. I call it fun. However, what I REALLY wish when I’m there is to rent the store for a weekend and have a giant slumber party with all my friends. Imagine, a group of girls running through IKEA in their pajamas, bathrobes sweeping behind them, as they scatter around the store cooking popcorn in their dream kitchens, lounging on their personal sofas, and sleeping in their Pinterest worthy bedrooms of choice. That sounds like the best birthday party ever.

I hope that you enjoyed your Friday as much as I did and have a great rest of the weekend! Here is a video from The Breakwomb that, I hope, starts your weekend off with a laugh.